A Story for Paradise (Pt. III of III)

Part Three             “Both girls nodded back at him, and, starting with Elizabet’s decaying feet, he spread a hearty layer of poultice over the afflicted area until all four of her limbs were coated. This he followed with a layer of fresh honey to lock in moisture. He wrapped her limbs in the treated rabbit skinsContinue reading “A Story for Paradise (Pt. III of III)”

A Story For Paradise (Short Story Pt. I of III)

Part One Inca had been in heaven for half an eternity. The waves crashed gently on the white beaches every day. The white linen dried softy in the sun every day. The white noise of creation hummed benevolently with the dawning of every day. Waving palm fronds and servant-fed grapes were starting to get aContinue reading “A Story For Paradise (Short Story Pt. I of III)”