Decadent Chanterelle Bacon Frittata (feat. Gruyere Cheese)

Here’s a rough outline of the frittata I made with my mother this weekend for brunch. I about leapt out of my shoes with excitement when I saw chanterelles at Costco, of all places, and had to make a frittata featuring their rich, nutty taste. The chard we used was harvested from the garden, theContinue reading “Decadent Chanterelle Bacon Frittata (feat. Gruyere Cheese)”

Mortality Bake Sale

Today, I helped my mom bake some goods to raise money for a little boy with leukemia in the elementary school where she works. His family is moving to be closer to the children’s hospital so they can focus on his treatment. To support them in their efforts, the school is hosting a bake sale.Continue reading “Mortality Bake Sale”