Nobody quite compares to Bonnie Raitt. She walked the line so well, and with such courage and commitment to her craft. 

Growing patience is like trying to catch moonlight in a jar. You may think you’ve made some progress, but when you open the proverbial lid, there’s nothing there. How to surrender to what is…surrendering seems to be the opposite of running. Or is running the opposite of winning? 

The truth is, you have to forgive yourself for being so unbearably human. It seems even when I think I am “behaving,” there is something I’m missing, something I’m leaving embarrassingly exposed…

I have to commit to something, some skin to cloak myself in, otherwise identities will continue to flow through me at others’ suggestion. 

“Silence speaks,” so they say. 

I had a dream once that I unwittingly told everyone how they were going to die, and this was a crime I would never be forgiven for. Does every princess grow up to be the villainous stepmother, queen, or octopus woman that she faces in the story? 

Is there really no common ground between the head and the heart?

Or to just say “fuck it” to all the philosophizing, and just go for something…try something—anything—out, see what happens, don’t take it hard if it doesn’t work, but move on…

Published by Hannah

Just yer average girl next door.

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