love, terror, and waffle fries

All day, every day, I have dichotomies on the brain…good/evil, tenderness/violence, liberal/conservative, past/future, William Blake’s love/terror…

I was thinking of love and terror as I ate gorgonzola waffle fries this evening. They say anger is a fear response, and I’ve been feeling very angry lately. I am cumbersome with it—it is awkward for me to hold and channel. 

I feel very bifurcated lately. Like music is stitching me together, with every strange song that pops out of me. I feel so blessed by the proverbial Muse; I am so grateful to be creating again. I am running with it…I hope it lasts I hope it lasts I hope it lasts I hope it lasts…!

I’ve also been chewing on the concept of kindness lately—what is a true act of kindness? What is compassion? How do they interplay with rejection/acceptance? It’s all very nebulous to me at present. “Everything you do is evil to somebody,” as I believe Joseph Campbell said. 

And how about the dichotomy of intuition/intellect? What good is an intellect, truly? I am learning more and more that I need to shut my dang mouth…listen more, emote more, talk less, move slower…

Getting older sure is bizarre. 

“The very essence of love is uncertainty.” -Oscar Wilde

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Just yer average girl next door.

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