Feed Yourself First

“Be yourself—everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde

It seems like there is a maze between my heart and my mouth. I am learning to navigate it daily, how to chart it faithfully and compassionately, without judgement towards myself. There is a powerful light inside me, but powerful darkness too. 

I ate a good dinner with my family tonight. Things felt natural and warm and free. I am learning to relax. I am learning I am safe. I am learning I am powerful, I am made of love and star guts. 

Bodies are embarrassingly straightforward; souls are mystifying. I have a deep hunger-ache for soul connection. It seems a void that can’t be filled, or satisfied, one bite at a time. I seem to want the whole gulp, but am afraid to be greedy. Am I worthy of tasting deep love?

But that’s how we make soul-connections. Conquer and feed, or fawn and eat. I am starving, and have been for a long time. Tomorrow is another day to relax into my deepest self, to bear this soul proudly, in all my hungry glory. You have to feed yourself first. 

Published by Hannah

Just yer average girl next door.

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