Forgiveness Waltz

For every two steps forward, if I take one step back, am I waltzing through life?

Might as well turn the stutter into a dance…forgive the process for its imperfection and enjoy it…

There is so much love around. I can see it everywhere. I can hear it in the mouths of those around me. I can hear it, somewhere, rattling around on the depths of my soul…swelling to come forth, yearning deeply to be breathed into being. How do I break apart this feeling into tender, sumptuous morsels? How can I spoon it into the hearts of those around me when I can barely keep the feeling from flying out of my throat like a feral cat?

Yo soy silvestre…but I am learning the dance…I will be tamed. I will come to the light. I will join the circle.

Published by Hannah

Just yer average girl next door.

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