Art, Music, and “Reality”

Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! I just got done writing a six page paper on consensual reality as it relates to music and myth and I am WIPED. Boy howdy, I had fun though!

I lingered after class today to debate the time signature of a song I love and to discuss the potentiality of foreign life, whether that be extraterrestrial or terrestrial life which is simply unrecognizable to us (for example, what if rocks had sentience?! Cue the Star Trek references) and I am riding on an academic afterglow. 

Even though I am funemployed right now, I am crazy busy. I have dogsitting obligations, homework, catering projects, self-care, class projects which I am taking far beyond their intended scope…including initiating the process of understanding the rape kit test backlog in this country, beginning in my local county with local authorities. I don’t know yet how far I intend to take it, but in my wildest dreams it turns into a rabbithole which I turn into a lifelong mission. We’ll see what happens!

I hope to write some more poetry soon and make some more music. I wrote a song the other day which I’m not sure means anything, but it felt good to give birth to. Art is the best!!!

How has art informed your realty? How do you create? How does reality inform your art? Leave me a comment! Let’s collaborate!! J

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