Hurrian Hymns and Murder Flicks

After nearly five hours of homework, I don’t have a lot of mental stamina for a blog post tonight.

I spent the day going to class, grocery shopping, grocery organizing and unpacking, completing my assignments, and listening to Hurrian Hymn No. 6, written in 1400 B.C and dedicated to the goddess of fertility and bounty named Nikkal. 

Now I am zoning out with the boyfriend and the dog after wolfing down some leftover phò, watching a Netflix series on death row inmates. I’m an odd duck with odd pastimes, what can I say.

Serial killers have always fascinated me. I remember researching murderers at a friend’s house for a full day and being too scared to walk to the end of their driveway to my car in the dark. Many of the United States’ serial killers seem to operate in Washington. Rumor has it this is because bodies decompose so much faster in our temperate rainforest environment, making nefarious acts easier to conceal. I have oft been wandering about in the woods, seen an odd bundle of trash, and immediately assumed I was about to uncover a body. I am beyond thrilled to report this has never actually been the case.

I am falling asleep, but will write more tomorrow. I hope everyone is safe and warm and not thinking too hard about murder. 😀

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