Challah Bread Anxiety//Epic Brunch Prep

Today was full of wild cooking. It was so wild, I left my laptop at my parents’ house after 10 straight hours of work.

That being said, no recipes will be included in this post, as I need my computer for such a process. I will amend this later or create a new post tomorrow with all the goodies my mom and I created today, including two frittatas, Martha Stewart’s mini jam tartlets, Marie Hélène’s French apple cake, and challah bread.

Tomorrow, the feast! With my newly-perfected breakfast potatoes and mimosas. To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

I will say that spending so much time cooking had my mind suspended in enjoyment for the majority of the day. I traded a friend a hunk of the ginger cake we made together yesterday and some egg yolks (for curing) for homemade peach jam, kombucha vinegar, and bourbon vanilla extract. She is my cooking buddy. I can always count on a decadent snack and leaving her home with full belly and hands.

I don’t have many friends, but the ones that have stuck with me since childhood are really dear to me. I consider myself extremely lucky to have connections that have spanned multiple decades. Tomorrow’s apple cake will taste a little sweeter knowing my friend’s vanilla helped to season it.

In other news, another highlight of my day was when my mom bought caramel corn from a boy scout at the local Fred Meyer. He seemed overstimulated and his mom seemed exhausted but I hope our $11 helps him out. We’re both suckers for polite little dudes.

Anyway, I’m beat and have to get up at 5 am to shape my challah, which I am incredibly nervous about. It’s meant to be tomorrow’s centerpiece and if it doesn’t work out, we’re sort of S.O.L. I mean, we still have plenty of other slightly and tasty treats, but y’know…I’ve got my pride.

So until tomorrow, dear readers! I promise to create a post with a little more substance. I hope everyone is content and warm and full wherever they are in the space-time continuum. Here’s to good friends, good food, and good dogs!!

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