Musings From the Modern Girl Next Door

  • Needles and Pins (A Villanelle)

    June 11, 2020 by

    Needles and pins swirling in a transparent jar, A weighted bird looks wistful at blue skies; She yearns, and hasn’t traveled very far. A heart that beats its own drum is a heart with scars, In between the sighs, the planning and the tries: Needles and pins swirling in a transparent jar. Like a downy… Read more

  • A Story for Paradise (Pt. III of III)

    May 27, 2020 by

    Part Three             “Both girls nodded back at him, and, starting with Elizabet’s decaying feet, he spread a hearty layer of poultice over the afflicted area until all four of her limbs were coated. This he followed with a layer of fresh honey to lock in moisture. He wrapped her limbs in the treated rabbit skins… Read more

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I’m neither ‘pro-women’ nor ‘anti-men’. I’m just ‘Thumbs up for the six billion’.

-Caitlin Moran